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Nirvana Top 80 Paramotor Package

paramotor packages for saleNirvana Nemo 2 Paraglider

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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Paramotor body with the Top 80
  • Paramotor Single hoop frame
  • Manual Start
  • Strong, light, single hoop folding frame (suitcase frame)
  • Frame transport bag
  • 10 Liter Gas tank (3+ hours of flying!)
  • Paramotor User manual
  • Carbon fiber 2 Blade Propeller (Nirvana)
  • Propeller screws with casing
  • Propeller key and flange
  • Nirvana Nemo 2 Paraglider
  • AustriAlpine Powerfly carbines
  • Top Quality Customer Service!
  • 41 Lbs
  • 15 H.P.




Synergy Complete Package with Training $8500

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ITV Boxxer Powered Paramotor Wing

canyon lake tx paramotor salesFound in between the Dakota and the Lapoon, the Boxer was designed for powered paragliding. With its prominent semi-reflex profile, an aptitude to easily lift off and a total absence of noticeable counter rotative torque effect, the Boxer is built to fight turbulence, is fast and delivers excellent performance.

With progressive brake inputs the wing becomes really playful to perfectly suit most pilots' needs and moods: easy set-up, easy handling on the ground and in flight.

This wing was built to last for either local or cross country flying.

The Boxer's A and B category (varying with size) in the EN certification tests means it guarantees a high passive safety.

SYNERGY 5 Paramotor

ppg paramotor for sale san antonio txThe SYNERGY is by far the most innovative powered paraglider in the world.

With the strongest frame on the market and one of the lightest and quietest for the power generated.

Using many reputable engines, It is virtually maintenance free.

You will probably never break a propeller, the cage can accept a 50" propeller, has a certified harness system, wheels, thumb activated throttle and cruise control also available for left handed pilots, the safest frame / fuel tank system, adjustable spreader bars, compatible with any paraglider on the market, weight shift system, better higher center of mass making it easier to ground handle during take off and landing,

splits in 5 parts in 2 minutes to easily fit in the trunk of your car.







Paramotor Foot Launch Training

paramotor training austin texasHwy 66 Motorsports foot launch paramotor training. Training time varries from student to student. Foot Launch generally takes 6 to 10 days. We work hard to ensure that students are safe & confident in their skills so they can launch, maneuver and land their paramotors without assistance or challenge. Emphasis is placed in kiting mastery from the beginning along with fully understanding the rules, regulations, and physics of the sport. We use a carefully planned syllabus for all pilot training.



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