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Rental Rates For Jetpack / Flyboarding / HB



Individual Rate for Flyboard Intro

  • $150

Introductory Flight Course. This includes: On-land pre-flight safety instructions, flight instructions, and minimum of 30 minutes of in-water time.


Group Ratesflyboard canyon lake

  • $300

For hour and a half of Introductory Flight Course. This includes: On-land pre-flight safety instructions, flight instructions, and minimum of 60 minutes of in-water time.

Returning Aviator Pricing


$99 per half hour of flight and $179 per hour of flight.


This includes: Pre-flight safety refresher instructions, advanced flight instruction, and 30 minutes of actual flight time

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Group events, Private parties and Demonstrations



jet pack flyboard rentals canyon lake txPerfect for individuals who want to get a taste of what the Flyboard or Hoverboard Jet Pack can do, the Intro package includes a instruction and equipment overview with 30 minutes of flight time. This package will give you an introduction into all of the Jetpack controls and, depending on the pilot’s skill level, will get into the more advanced maneuvers included in the Flight Experience package.

Note: Weekend rates apply on all major holidays.



Flyboard or HoverBoard

Flight Experience $149


Our recommended package for first-time pilots is about an Hour from start to finish, with a full 30 minutes of flight time to hone your skills. This is the best way to learn the basics of flight with your Certified Flight Instructor on the throttle, so you can be on your way to becoming a proficient Jetpack pilot. Skills taught are elevation control and steering, Dolphin Dives , Spins.

Group Events - Call for Custom Pricing for your Event.

Want to Fly all 3 ? Try our 3 Pack Flight experience

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We do Birthday Parties, Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Team Building and much more. We provide the fun, you provide the occasion. No experience required. We can supply 2 Flyboards , Boats , ifloat mats , Sup Paddleboards and more to make it an event you will not forget.

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GoPro High Definition Video Footage – $49 or $99

Flyboard jet pack rentals canyon lake txWhy not commemorate your Flyboard Jetpack flight by capturing it in full High Definition video?

After all, showing your friends and family your flight is half the fun (and you have to have something to post on Facebook, right?!?).

With two packages to choose from, you can be sure you’ll be looking good while you’re flying high! Our Standard Video Package gets you a High Definition video, shot by our trained camera men from the up-close-and-personal angle on the back of our jet ski, and edited with the music of your choice, so you have proof to show your friends that you actually flew a jetpack! Our Premium Video Package goes one step beyond, giving you not one, but 2 different camera angles (from the jet ski, mounted on the control arm to capture every exhilarating facial expression, and mounted on the jetpack to get the first-person perspective looking over your shoulder), all edited to your favorite music.

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Flights on the Hoverboard with Factory Authorized Instructors . Speed above the surface of the water at up to 23 MPH as you cut, jump, fly, soar, spin and flip on the newest extreme water sport from Franky Zapata, inventor of the Flyboard®. If you are a surfer, wakeboarder, wake surfer or water enthusiast, this is definitely something you have to try!

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Imagine surfing, wakeboarding or wakesurfing but now doing it completely above the water! The Hoverboard is powered by a Personal Watercraft and can be used as a one or two person operation. The jet propulsion developed by the PWC powers the Hoverboard over 20MPH as you fly 3 to 4 feet above the waters surface. You can grab the nose of the Hoverboard and soar 15+ feet in the air; do spins, flips and more.


Hoverboards for sale for call 830-832-4155

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