HoverBoarding with Canyon Lake Adventures !

Hoverboarding water jetpack for sale

Come take a flights on the Hoverboard with Factory Authorized Instructors . Speed above the surface of the water at up to 23 MPH as you cut, jump, fly, soar, spin and flip on the newest extreme water sport from Franky Zapata, inventor of the Flyboard®. If you are a surfer, wakeboarder, wake surfer or water enthusiast, this is definitely something you have to try!


You dont have to be Superhuman to fly, all these photos were taken on our first week of flying the new Hoverboard!

  Intro Course to Hoverboarding $149.95


Hoverboarding is quite an amazing experience, you can ride the board around and carve the water like a snowboard or lift off into the sky for some extreme acrobatics! Very fun and easy to learn, You can be cruising the sky like you never knew possible!


How hard is it? Most people are airborne in the first few minutes. If you can stand on your own two feet, you can fly! Knowing how to wakeboard, snowboard or surf is not necessary, but will usually speed up the learning process.


Hoverboard for sale for $5850 Call 830-832-4155

hoverboard for sale by zapata racing

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