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The all new SYNERGY 5 has features you won’t find in any other paramotor.

synergy 5 paramotor for sale austin texas-Adjustable cage diameter with telescopic tubes
-Cage Tubes can be doubled for extra strength. Double hoop!
-Fits in a suitcase
-SUper user friendly and safe Thumb activated throttle
-Angular adjustable engine mount
-Easy to assemble in minutes
-Lightweight (around 22Kg depending on motor)
-Up to 3.5 gallons fuel capacity
-Fully Adjustable Weight shift and suspension system
-Most comfortable because of the absence of pipes and welds
-Easiest to maintain (engine can be removed in minutes)
-Optional Wheels for easy ground mobility
-Easily repairable with off the shelves cage parts
-Super strong frame
-Gas jug can never get impacted by a propeller
-Excellent for tandem operation
-No more headaches fixing bent tubes after a bad landing

Base price with 2 gallon tank (upgradable later if needed) $5400
Add $500 for the 3 gallon race car bladder. Custom colors available for an additional $200


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