2008 Mastercraft X-Star Wakeboarding Boat

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X-Star competes best against itself. Its the most decorated and honored and worshipped boat weve ever seen, and weve been doing this for 40 years. It stars at the PWT, X Games, Dew Action Sports Tour and SuperCross. The idealized wakes launched an entire culture of gravity-defying junkies. Its the official towboat of everything cool and every significant tournament around the globe. Its a big part of the soul of every pro who competes for the podium.

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Of course, the cult following begins at the incomparable wakes, so its not surprising the X-Star has pulled more 1080s in competition than any other boat. But beyond mojo wakes, every other element of design has come together perfectly in a way that feels like nirvana. Thats why X-Star is the bestselling wakeboard boat in the galaxy, and has coveted Riders Choice Awards four years in a row.

Its you versus you. But with the X-Star on your side you can kick your butt.

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